Mount Kailash Yatra 2019

Mt. Kailash: WE, our team is almost one of the first one to run pilgrimage trip based in the Himalaya. We are running this trip continusely from 1992. WE have served 1000s of pilgrimage from the different part of the world mostly Indian origin. Since many agent started to run the low ending (quality) trips on this destination for india based pilgrimage we have almost stopped to run for the Yatri holding Indian passport hoders unless they are not joining to us directly (family/ friends). Our Pilgrimage trip to non residential (NRI) is on focusing high in quality in terms of accommodation, transportation, food and using high quality staff.

AAJ and AADI Mount Kailash and Himalayan Trip.


Osho Tapoban Kailash Yatra


Kailash Tour in Tamil Language

Kailash Yatra and Nepal Trip