Our Trip Planning Process

Customized trip:
We can plan within your budget, we want to know time and number (solo, family or friends) our trip is focused more personal including very qualified guide and best possible service.

Basic Outline of the Trip
After spending some time getting to know you, we want to present you with an adventure we know you’ll love. Excited? We are too. See places you’ll be visiting, where you’ll stay, and what you’ll experience day-to-day. In addition to this preliminary itinerary, we’ll provide you with an initial estimated cost, which we can build upon as we continue the conversation.


Discussion on your itinerary
Share with us what you thought about your itinerary — the good, bad, and the “meh.” Then, we’ll walk through your itinerary together, working to tune each detail to the precise sound you’d like to hear. Something not quite right? We’ll fix it, no worries. The end result will be a trip that totally captivates your imagination. 

Confirm your trip
Once you’re delighted with your quest and you’re ready to lock it in, we’ll ask you to complete a booking form and collect a confirmation deposit, which varies according to where you’re going. Once we have everything squared away for you, we’ll provide you with all the resources needed to help you prepare for your trip.