Our Story

Namaste! Holy Himalaya Eco Trek (previously eco trek international) was a leader of the hiking and visiting the Himalayas since 1992. We strive to provide a memorable, stimulating and culturally rich travel odysseys in the Himalayas. Our team knows huge success, the large number of re-visitors! Each of our clients and yatris are our source, they really are our ambassadors. Yes, all of them and you are the members of our extended family! Continue to support us and come back.

We also value our contributions to the people of Nepal, such as the construction of new schools, granting full bright scholarships, supporting environmental campaigns and look after the welfare of all employees and their families. Please take a look at our social project https://ecotreknepal.com/about-us/why-travel-with-us

Eco Trek is a company environmentally – concerned, our main goal is to present the wonderful travel experiences and culturally enriching adventures with minimal impact on the fragile environment. Eco Trek crew network includes adventure, naturalists, environmental journalists and leaders trained guides and porters.

We are often asked why our customers love us so much? And the answer is quite simple “great teamwork”. Our staff is well-organized and united really known and who wants to share our beautiful country with our clients team. Because of our staff, family eco trek is much more than just a business.

Thanks everyone!

Jyoti Adhikari (Founder)